UMC Events TechnicianVacancy No: 279

Job Details Status: Closed

Position Type : Part-Time
Start Date: 04/09/2018
Salary Range: $8.00 (12 hrs/week)
Position Openings: 7


This position is located in Columbia, Missouri.

This position is part of a team who represent the student spirit of the Unions, serving as the initial contact point through various customer interaction mediums; this includes the Welcome and Information Desk, the Event Management Office, and various social venues within the Missouri Student Unions.

Events Technicians are responsible for the day, evening, and/or weekend preparation of meeting rooms and event spaces within the Missouri Student Unions for reservations held by student organizations, University departments, and off-campus users.


Assist in the preparation (set up and break down) of auditoriums, ballrooms, and meeting rooms for various events via setting up audio/visual equipment, tables, chairs, and other objects requested by the customer per the standards of diagrams or checklists provided. Maintain working knowledge of equipment necessary for events; this includes but is not limited to projectors, microphones, amplifiers, temperature controls, dance floors (setup, breakdown, cleaning), and telephone hookups.

Perform general maintenance and upkeep of Unions equipment including easels, whiteboards, flipcharts, chairs, A/V equipment, etc., as requested. Perform cleaning for room and facility area changeovers including wiping down tables, sweeping/vacuuming, cleaning whiteboards, etc. Keep shift supervisor informed of any problems, concerns, or events.

Provide positive customer service to building users and customers encountered. Ensure all policies and procedures are enforced and that only scheduled activities are taking place. Be a secure presence within both facilities including locking/unlocking exterior and interior doors. Answer questions and provide information about the Missouri Student Unions, guide or accompany visitors to their meeting rooms or desired locations, etc.; respond quickly to calls for assistance.

Perform various custodial tasks involved in the cleanup of the facility/event space including sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, disposing of trash and litter, and cleaning storerooms and other areas. Perform miscellaneous duties such as moving furniture, removing trash, wiping tables, and removing snow as requested.

Additional Responsibilities

Promote Missouri Student Unions programs and services and provide support for activities and events taking place in the Union by being a brand ambassador.

Attend all staff meetings. Attend and participate in periodic training sessions scheduled by the department.

Represent the Unions at conferences and other special events held in the Unions as assigned.

As with all positions, involvement with other duties and responsibilities is expected in order to serve the customer and maintain our Missouri Student Unions and Student Affairs mission.

Supervision Received

Administrative and functional supervision is received from full-time staff and student supervisors as assigned.

Supervision Exercised

No supervision is exercised; however, more experienced employees may help in training and mentoring less experienced employees.

Physical Requirements

Position requires sitting, standing, walking; and climbing stairs, step stools, and ladders.

Must be able to bend, squat, and reach.

Ability to grasp broom, mop, and vacuum handles.

Capable of lifting, moving, and transporting materials of light to medium weights (25-50 lbs.) on a daily basis. Some heavy lifting (50-90 lbs.) may be required on occasion.

Use of a computer and other office technology involving fine finger movements may be required for retrieving and entering work information.

Communicate orally and in writing with various audiences.


Individual must be enrolled at the University of Missouri. Enrollment in the summer session is not required, as long as the student was enrolled in the spring semester and is pre-enrolled for the fall semester.

Available to work during breaks and intersessions.

Additional Qualifications

Work a minimum of 12 hours per week on a regular basis, including evenings and weekends.

A positive and friendly disposition, flexibility, and good communication skills.

Physical strength, coordination, and stamina sufficient to perform assigned duties.

Knowledge of standard audio/visual, custodial, and/or maintenance equipment a plus.

Proven ability to learn the technical aspects of the position and stay abreast as changes in technology and equipment occur frequently.